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Achtung: Das ist die alte Internetseite des Conne Island. Die aktuelle Version findet sich unter www.conne-island.de

conne island

The Conne Island is a self-governing youth center in Leipzig-Connewitz. Its responsible body is the registered society Projekt Vereine e.V. which appears for us and our matters at government authorities and departments.
Decisions in terms of content are made by the public, regular Monday Conne Island plenum in consensus. Not only the permanent employees take part in this plenum, but also the volounteers and people who are interested in the development of the Conne Island.

We reached agreement on the following definition of what the Conne Island stands for:
The Conne Island is a center by and for leftists, youth-, pop- and subculture.

The Conne Island is more than just a venue. We run a café and make our infra structure (i.e. hall, outdoor area, equipment) available to many people and different projects. For example, the Infoladen Leipzig (information center Leipzig) uses our facility at the moment.

There are several band rehearsal rooms located in the hall. The outdoor area is used for basketball, football, table tennis, volleyball. We have the biggest outdoor skate park in East Germany and 2 indoor ramps.

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last modified: 26.3.2008