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Achtung: Das ist die alte Internetseite des Conne Island. Die aktuelle Version findet sich unter www.conne-island.de

texts from the Conne Island

anouncement of the Conne Island Plenum

The following announcements express the opinion of the Conne Island Plenum on concert and entry policy as well as cultural events and politics.

press statement (Conne Island/Projekt Verein e.V.)

Sometimes you have to react quick on things that happen, that´s why not all of the press releases are written in co-ordination with the Conne Island Plenum. Nevertheless they represent this project and therefore are shown here.

Projekt Verein e.V. annual report

Projekt Verein e.V. is the responsible body for the Conne Island. The annual report summarizes all activities, processes and developments within one year and is intended for the local authorities.

Workshop weekend report

Once in a year the people who run the Conne Island leave somewhere for the sake of evaluating the work that has been done and talking about future prospects. The texts that are published as one result of this weekend are not written in the behalf of the Conne Island, but as a personal opinion by single persons. In spite of that they are shown here, since they have been approved by the plenum and give an account of the discussions lead at the meeting.

Why this page?

On this page you can find almost every statement and text published by the Conne Island. Although the CEE IEH-Newsflyer is a publication by the Conne Island, most of the times the published concert announcements und texts are written by single persons or groups and subscribed accordingly. Only the authors are responsible for the content of the texts. With the Newsflyer the Conne Island gives different authors a possibilty to publish, because a) we are interested in having our events announced, and b) we want to make discussions about cultural, political and social topics possible.
Furthermore the CEE IEH is run by an independent editorial office, which has our confidence. Contents and the choice of texts are determined by the editorial staff only and are not co-ordinated in detail with the Conne Island.
That is misunderstood by people sometimes. Critics hold texts - may it be concerts announcements, critical polemics or documentations of referates - against the Conne Island, which consequently is blamed for a position that it does not take up. That is why criticism of texts that have been published in the CEE IEH should be directed at the single authors and/or groups, for example by means of reader`s letters. The Conne Island Plenum and CEE IEH´s editorial office hope that discussion arise from that.
For the sake of transparency regarding our position, we document the following official statements and texts approved by the Conne Island Plenum.

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last modified: 23.10.2007